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While I’ve been researching other sticker shops and artists and how they do things, I came across the Procreate app. Several of the YouTubers I follow use the app to design some of their projects.

I have Photoshop, though I am certainly no expert at it. But often, especially when the creative urge strikes, you are not sitting in front of your PC. The Procreate app is sort of a Photoshop-lite and allows you to do many of the things that you can do in Photoshop, but with the added bonus of being able to take it with you on the go.

Most of the artists I watched used Procreate with the iPad Pro (which I don’t own) and the Apple Pencil. I do have an iPad, but not the Pro version. I wasn’t sure if I could use Procreate without purchasing a new iPad (which wasn’t going to happen), so my husband and I did a little research.

Turns out, lucky me, my current iPad would not only be able to handle Procreate, but I could also use the Apple Pencil with it. Now, I didn’t have a pencil, so that was a purchase ($100, so it’s not cheap). And after buying the pencil online, we discovered that there are now two versions of the pencil (both helpfully called Apple Pencil – the only way to tell the difference is that one has a silver metal band on one end). So we crossed our fingers and hoped that the version we purchased would work.

It arrived and, miracle of miracles, it worked! So I was able to get the Procreate app ($9.99 in the App Store) and start playing around.

Procreate lets you draw, sketch, and write with the Pencil, but has lots of Photoshop-like functions, including the use of layers, effects, and filters. I’ve been watching YouTube tutorials and learning all the cool things I can do – like the symmetry tool, which makes drawing certain things a lot easier.

Being able to draw and create on the go has been amazing – you can go to your local cafe and work while having your coffee (or tea, in my case). Procreate lets you export your creations, so after creating something, I can export the file so I can print it and cut it. Hopefully this will increase my productivity.

I’m trying to force myself to use my iPad for more things. For instance, I am writing this blog on my iPad, rather than on my PC. It’s been a bit of a learning curve for me (especially with the new WordPress block editor, which I am struggling to learn). The spring sports season has begun, so I will have lots of time sitting around between track and field events to play around with both Procreate and WordPress on the iPad.

If you use Procreate, what’s your favorite tip?

2 thoughts on “Procreate App for iOS

  1. I hate hate hate Apple, their products and their inhumane marketing strategies.With a passion!
    But I love my stalkers even more! 😉


  2. Yeah, I couldn’t get use to that WordPress block editor … started my political blog in 2004 on WP, and used mainly HTML – think that falls under their Classic Editor in both Visual and Text now (I use both those). My new “Linux” blog came with that block editor – it murdered me! Once I got that Classic Editor (seems like they tried to hide it?!?) set then everything works again…they try to push me back to block editor, but I ignore it.


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