Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation?

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I was having a conversation the other day with my oldest about demographics and the different generations.  I insisted she was a Millennial, and she insisted she was not.  Then we started talking about the different generations and who belonged to which one.

I did some quick Googling and discovered that the Census Bureau only officially recognizes the Baby Boom generation.  The other generations vary depending on who you ask, because there is no ‘final authority’ on generations, just mainstream/pop culture use.  There are as many definitions as there are people.

Turns out, she was right, she isn’t a Millennial, nor is her sibling.  However, they both thought that I was from the Baby Boom generation.  (That did wonders for my ego, I can tell you.)  I happen to be from that forgotten generation – the Gen Xers.  The kids who grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons and thinking that Merlin and Super Simon were technological marvels.  The generation of shoulder pads, big hair, and Michael Jackson Pepsi commercials.

I had my kids later in life, so they missed the Gen Y/Millennial generation.  My kids are Gen Z/iGen – those kids who think that there’s an app for EVERYTHING.

We started talking about all of this because of the current ‘OK, Boomer’ phenomenon.  My youngest asked me how I felt about it and was taken aback when I said it didn’t bother me, because I wasn’t a Boomer.  Personally, I think it’s kind of funny – on several levels.  Just surface funny, because I think it’s true – Boomers are now in their late 60s- 70s, and I think once you reach that age, you have reached the ‘Get off my lawn!’ stage of life.  And also ironically funny, because from what I’ve seen, it’s mostly Gen Z kids saying it to their parents, who aren’t Boomers, but are Gen X or GenY.

How do you feel about the ‘OK, Boomer’ issue?  What generation are you from?  Are there things you like/dislike about your generation?  Things you like/dislike about younger generations?



4 thoughts on “Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation?

  1. Generation conversations are always interesting with kids/grandkids and I enjoyed the exchange you wrote about. However I knew I was a boomer and I’m only 59, so I questioned your age range and looked it up. Baby boomers were born between 1944 and 1964. They’re current between 55-75 years old.

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