Monday Mandala 25

Mandala_25More experimentation with this mandala.  Not a typical mandala, but I wanted to experiment with using more geometric shapes, reminiscent of Native American and/or Nazca art.

It definitely has a southwest feel to it, so I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out.  It would be interesting to digitally color this one and see how it turns out.

9 thoughts on “Monday Mandala 25

  1. I like it. I’ve started playing Dungeons & Dragons again lately, so that is the way my mind turns, and when I looked at this the first thing I thought was, “Has a Native American feel to it,” and the second thing was, “It looks like something that I could use in my D&D game and say it is art made by the Green Dragon People. 🙂


      1. Certainly. They seem a natural sort of thing to include in an rpg where you are looking to give some flavor to your setting, I think.

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  2. Come to think of it, I was thinking maybe some of them would end up in my D&D games. If so, would you mind if a picture of said Circle of Power being used in the game ended up on my blog? With an artist credit and a link back to your blog of course.

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  3. Sorry to keep leaving endless posts (wish I could edit my existing posts) but something else that I think would be a good idea, though I’m not sure how you’d market it: a coloring book of your work. My grandmother gave me such coloring books when I was a kid and I enjoyed playing with them very much.


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