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During the holidays, I tried to take advantage of my free time to create and be productive.  I made some progress.  I wanted to have 10 products ready to go, and so far I’ve gotten 4 of them done.  They all have some things I want to tweak, but I’m forcing myself to move on to another item.  If I don’t, I’ll spend all my time tweaking instead of working on new things.  I can always go back and tweak them later, once I’ve got some spare time.

I’ve also spent time learning.  I’ve been playing around with digitally coloring my mandalas, I’ve done some more exploring in iColorama, and this weekend I taught myself how to make my own SVG files to use in my Silhouette Design software.

I’ve added in social media for the business (find me on Pinterest, Ello, Twitter and Ko-Fi) and it is keeping me busy.  Not too busy to experiment, though. 😛

I decided to take Mandala 25 and color it digitally.  Here’s how it turned out:

Mandala 25 Colored

Once I was done coloring it, I decided to try out iColorama again.  I’ve watched a few videos on how to use and discovered all the amazing presets – something I somehow missed the first few times I used it.

I wanted to add some texture and depth to the image.  I shifted the colors a bit, using one of those presets, and I added some texture using a couple of different filters.  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out:

Mandala 25 colored

It looks like a piece of printed fabric, or perhaps a needlepoint someone stitched. I’ve still got a list of things I want to try out, including using some overlays and filters in Procreate to color in some of the mandalas.  But I’m making progress, which is the important thing!

7 thoughts on “Progress

  1. I like the colorization, it turned out great. Say, I was wondering: Do you mind if I use one of the images in my little roleplaying “newspaper” that I’m doing for my D&D campaign. I was thinking that perhaps some of the elves were producing blankets and texiles with patterns and colors such as these. Naturally I’d provide a photo credit and a link back to your blog.

    Also, I think that the Biri the Editor would love to ask you a few questions for her newspaper, but I suspect she’ll think you are an elven textile artist and will have a hard time being convinced otherwise, but then if I remember correctly you said you played D&D so I’m sure if so you understand these things.


      1. Thank you. If it turns out that answering these questions for a make-believe editor of a make-believe newspaper, I fully understand. 🙂 In any case, here are “Biri’s” questions. She tells me she’d like to use your Mandala 25 in the article with a link back to you of course. She wanted to ask all kinds of questions, but I told her to keep it to five (even if #3 is technically three questions) because you were busy and had enough work to do without being pestered endlessly with questions.

        I can come back here for the answers or do whatever is easiest for you.

        thank you again,


        Why did you start making art?

        2. ‘Mandala 25’ is very attractive, especially with your colorization.  I have talked to several elves, who speak very favorably of your use of geometric patterns.  I read in your article, “Progress,” your reference to “Native American” and “Nazca art.”  What inspired you to create this piece, in addition to evoking themes from the aforementioned traditions?  

        3. Is there an element of Art you enjoy the most?  What do you find the most challenging?  Why?

        4. I read some of your thoughts concerning being an artist, “imposter syndrome,” and so on.  (We think you’re a great artist by the way.)  How would you define what it means to be an artist?  Do you think there is a distinction between an Artist versus ” a creative” versus someone who simply “does art?” 

        4. One elvish reader asks, “I see from reading your work that you sometimes encounter challenges moving forward with your work and getting things done.  I have started having this problem more and more myself, especially after I passed into my fourth century.  Do you have any tips or tricks to recommend that I could use to continue to move forward with my projects?  Thank you.”

        Is there anything else you’d like to add?

        Thank you so much!



      2. I meant top say, “If it turns out that answering the questions for a make-believe newspaper editor, etc. etc. is more effort than you’d like to deal with, I know you are busy and I fully understand. 🙂


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