Mandala Fresco

More experimentation with digitally coloring the mandalas.  Anne over at Anne’s Immaterium had asked about using one of my designs in a D&D game, which I thought sounded fun.

I started thinking about how I might use them myself, and then I decided to see what they might look like.  So I colored in one of the designs in Procreate.

Mandala 30 Colored

Nice, but not exactly what I had in mind.  So, I opened iColorama and played around with various filters and things there until I had something I liked.

After a few false starts, here is what I ended up with:

Mandala 30 Frescoed

I like how it looks like a fresco or something you’d find painted on an old wall.  It looks like some of the paint has been worn off – by time, people touching it, who knows?

One thought on “Mandala Fresco

  1. Pretty, and yes it does look like one of those old frescoes where time and perhaps many hands have done their work. I hope to get issue #3 of the Dragon Egg Gazette out soon; and I’m in the rough draft stages for issue four. Plan on introducing the mandalas into my D&D game the next time we play, which will be either next Saturday or the Saturday after that.

    Interestingly, we are thinking of changing the game system to something a bit more out there and gritty — Dungeon Crawl Classics instead of D&D 5 ed, and if we do I think I’m going to change the focus of the setting. Instead of the high magic, kind of humanist utopia (with dragonpeople and elves) living inside of a faerie forest, I am thinking of the setting being from outside the forest looking in. A dystopian kingdom, the forest from the outside becoming a place of dread and superstition and instead of a well-meaning militia and protector “rangers” we’ll have a band of run-away serfs, criminals, adventurers, and wanderers. For the mandalas, instead of lovely art appreciated as the cunning work of elfish hands — their interpretation of a wise human from another dimension — we’ll have strange artifacts that one might not know whether to burn as Knowledge Too Terrible to Possess or attempt to penetrate their secrets and wrest arcane power from them by any means necessary.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling. Am enjoying your art and experiments. 🙂

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