Mini Progress

I am still slowly working my way through all the unpainted miniatures I discovered in the basement.  I did visit my local game store and picked up both a painting handle and some of the Citadel contrast paints.

I gotta be honest, so far I don’t like them.  They are really runny, like ink, and even with thin coats, it took forever to get full coverage.  That said, I was painting on minis that were based black, so I’m going to blame it on that.

I have taken some of the minis and based them with white, so we’ll see how it turns out.  I am just playing and experimenting, since most of the minis likely won’t ever see the light of day, honestly.  A lot of them were purchased for use as a PC mini, but now that we can either 3D print our own or have them printed via something like Hero Forge, they’ll probably never get used.  Maybe I can use them as NPCs.  Dunno.

In any event, I finished some of them, so here they are, in no particular order.  First up is the battleguard golem.  I actually like the way he turned out.  The matte spray sealer made a huge difference in how he looked.

Battleguard Golem

Next is a weird doll with a knife, from a package of familiars.  She certainly is creepy, I’ll give her that.  She was hard to paint, because the model has almost no detail.  I wasn’t even sure what she was until I looked up the models online.

Doll Familiar

The last two are the pirate set.  The eyes on these gave me fits, because I have an intermittent hand tremor.  I finally gave up on the eyes.

Pirate Wench

They will only be NPCs, and since I have no idea when, or if, we will return to playing in-person, they’re good enough.  There seems to be a fine line for me between not enough detail and too much.  The pirate wench was ok.  This guy, however, waay too much:


He was fun to paint, but man, my poor old eyes.  Also, I can’t seem to find a happy medium when I use the Citadel washes.  Everything seems to come out looking muddy or dirty, whether I use a lot or a little.  Hopefully I’ll figure it out.

Now that these are done, I can move on to the next pieces.  😀

6 thoughts on “Mini Progress

  1. Yes, those contrast paints are different, I agree. I have found some of the videos over on Warhammer TV on Youtube useful. If you go there and search for “contrast paint” a lot of useful stuff pops up. Two that might be good starting points are:

    Contrast Over Other Colours

    Using Contrast

    Also, I had to poke around on my own blog because I remembered putting in a link in from a poxwalker post by Mcmattlaminis where he provides some other video links to using contrast paints. Fortunately it wasn’t too hard to find:

    As for the Citadel washes, I’ve noticed that too but I’ve had some good results cutting them with non-pigmented mediums. I’ve used the GW ones and also ones from the art stores to reduce the intensity of the washes or make glazes out of them. Also, I’ve found you can do the same thing with the contrast paints too.

    Glad to see you continue to paint. I think of these ones the golem is my favorite. I like the contrast of the glowing eyes and are those other glowing bits on the body as well?

    I hear you about the eyes: I sometimes have to use a magnifier light myself. Awhile ago I bought this one Wizkids hobbit, that I was thinking of eventually using as a PC although I ended up going with a Tiefling cleric, where the details were so small I couldn’t even begin to see what they were and I had to google the miniature to see what the heck they were. Haven’t tried to paint it yet but when I do it’ll be 100% under the magnifier light.


    1. Thanks, I’ll check out the links! I’ve been painting today on white based minis and so far, the contrast paints are amazing, so I’m going to chalk it up to the black basing. And the golem was my fav too. 🤓 I used verdigris to paint his eyes and the rivets and it worked really well. The matte spray gave him that ‘used metal’ look, so I’m really happy with him. 😊

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