Weighted Dreams

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

I wanted to write about this topic a while ago, but I wanted to give myself some time to see how it worked. After a lot of debate, I purchased a weighted blanket.

I am a light sleeper – something I always attributed to having children. I very rarely dream, and if I do, I rarely remember the dream. I have trouble falling asleep and if I wake up in the middle of the night, it can take me some time to fall back to sleep.

After several weeks of using my new blanket, I’ve changed my opinion on a few things.

One – I don’t think I am a light sleeper, I think was just not achieving REM sleep.

Two – Since I’ve started using the blanket, I have dreams every night. And I generally remember them the next day.

Three – I’ve been falling asleep faster and staying asleep since purchasing the blanket.

I didn’t buy a hugely expensive one – it was one I found on sale on Amazon. It was $50 USD and so far, it’s been more than worth the purchase price.

The size says full, but it is actually about twin size. And even then, I don’t think it would cover the bed completely. But for my half of our queen, it’s a more than adequate size. I don’t have a cover for it yet, so I’m using it on top of my quilt.

I have to say, it’s been one of my better buys this year. My husband even tried it for a couple of nights, and it helped with his restless leg syndrome. When using it, I toss and turn much less and my sleep is more restful.

I’m kind of kicking myself that we didn’t purchase it sooner – I could have been sleeping better and feeling more rested for months. In short, 10 out of 10, would recommend!

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