Puzzling Times

I’ve been doing all sorts of things to keep myself occupied, including (gasp!) cleaning my house.  Sometimes, though, I want an activity where I can just zone out – listen to some music, or some of my favorite Forensic Files podcasts and just zen.

Puzzles are one of my favorite ways to do that.  So I pulled our card table out of the garage and set it up in the living room so I have a space to leave the puzzles out until I’m done with them.

I have a handful of puzzles, most of them 1000 pieces.  I’ve put them all together before, but it’s been a while, so I thought I’d do it again.

The first one I picked is an old-timey picture with a western Main Street and trains and mountains in the background:

Puzzle 1

I always start puzzles by separating out all the edge pieces and putting them together first, so I have a starting point.  Invariably, I miss at least one edge piece during the first sorting.  This puzzle was a little easier than some, because the storefronts all had writing on them, which made it easy to put the pieces together.

It went quicker than I thought – filling in all the trees was a pain in the behind, though!

Puzzle 2

It only took me a couple of days to finish this one:

Puzzle 3

Then I moved on to the next one – it only had 500 pieces, so it went more quickly than the first puzzle.  This one is a Route 66 puzzle, with a map of various stops along the way.  I’m saving the Star Wars one until last – it’s one of those that has tiny pictures that make up the bigger picture, and it’s a real doozy!

Puzzle 4

Again, this one was probably easier than some because of all the writing on the various pieces.

Puzzle 5

I did another puzzle, but I forgot to take pictures of it.  Then I put the puzzles away for a bit while I work on painting some miniatures for a painting challenge.  I’m using the card table for that, so that I can leave all my painting stuff out instead of having to pack it up each night off the dining room table so we can eat dinner.

If nothing else, having the card table covered with painting stuff is motivation to get the stuff painted, because it’s messy to look at and drives me crazy! 😛

Busier Than Usual

Credit: Pixabay

You’d think that since I’m spending all this time at home these days, I’d be caught up with my work – perhaps even ahead of schedule!

You’d be wrong.

For some reason, since my children are at home, I am now in charge of making sure EVERYONE gets all their stuff done.  So even though I usually finish each day feeling like I’ve been productive, some days it isn’t MY stuff that I’m getting done.


Also, there is a new position opening up at my job in August that I want (hopefully I’m back to work then).  So I’m updating my resume, doing some work creating curriculum, and planning out lessons.  Spreadsheets make my brain hurt. 😦

While all that is good, it means I haven’t been keeping up here like I should.  I’ve been drawing, but I haven’t been doing much writing lately (besides lessons).  I’ve actively been avoiding social media, because it’s too stressful right now.

Rather than sleep all day (which is an appealing thought many days), I’ve pulled out some projects for me to work on to keep me sane.

I love puzzles, so I gathered all the ones I had and I’m slowly working my through them.  (I have pictures of my progress, but I haven’t gotten them off the camera card yet.)

I’m also working on a challenge that Ann over at Ann’s Immaterium posted – to ‘paint the crap you already own.’  I have a lot of D&D minis that have been languishing in drawers for almost a year, so I’m going to try and power through painting them.  So far I have some washed and mold lines removed, some base coated, and some done except for bases.  Again, I have pics, but I haven’t taken them off the camera card.  I’ll try to post them here soon.  I’m not a fantastic painter, but just getting them done and off my plate will be nice. 😀

I have another online class starting tomorrow, so I guess I’d better get busy!

Slow Slide

Credit: Pixabay

This week has been hard.  The sudden disruption in our routines is about to drive us all batty.  My husband is doing fine, since thankfully he is still working – for now.

The rest of us are at home, trying to figure out our ‘new normal.’  Yesterday, my youngest tried to sleep all day, because he’s finally bored of playing video games and watching Netflix.  😛

I think my oldest has handled it the best – she’s gone on two different outings with a couple of friends – out to a park (that was pretty much deserted), and over to their house to play board games.

I find myself sleeping more than normal and I know that’s a sign depression is creeping up on me.  I know I need to be more active, but without the routine of work, I’m finding that a challenge.  The person I would usually spend time with is my sister, but she is currently sick, so that’s out until she recovers (just a cold, nothing to worry about).

Also, we received a notification last night that we’ve used 85% of our data this month from our ISP.  We typically use about 400G of our 1TB – right now we are at over 800G – and my youngest (the biggest data hog) has only been home for a week.  Yikes!  We have 5 days to go, so I think we’ll be okay this month, but I’m definitely going to have to do something to limit how much we are using, as we cannot afford overages right now.  Those of you who don’t have data caps – count yourself lucky!

Yesterday I made a list of activities I could do to keep myself busy (including things that don’t require internet).  I have lots of craft projects I could be working on, so hopefully I will get some of those done.  I have lots of miniatures to paint, so that’s on my list as well.

I’m going to have to figure out something for my youngest – he’s so used to being physically active and I think he’s only left the house once in the last week.  We have some equipment – a treadmill and an elliptical, but that’s not that same as weightlifting, something he did every day.  A weight set is not in the budget right now, so we’ll have to get creative.

What activities are you doing while practicing ‘social distancing’?