Monday Mandala 65

Mandala_65I had a lot of fun drawing this one.  It has a lot of different elements, but I like the flow of it.  I’m still learning and experimenting with various types of zentangles and doodles for filling elements, but I think the mandalas I draw just because are usually my favorites. 😀

Monday Mandala 60

Mandala_6060 seems like it should be some kind of milestone.  I started drawing these mandalas on a whim – who knew it would stick around this long?  There are definitely days (and mandalas) that go better than others, but I can see progress when I look at where I started.  Still room for improvement, but tons better than when I began.

Monday Mandala 59

Mandala_59I spent quite a bit of time yesterday drawing and painting.  The last week has been spent trying to get everything done for school opening and I just hadn’t had the energy to do much of anything else.  However, after a few hours of creating, I feel like my mojo is back and my focus is better.  I think I’ve been more productive in an hour this morning than I have been all weekend.  😀