Lightening the Load

Lifting, Box, Wood, Heavy, Crate, Moving, Lift, Male
Credit: Pixabay

I am many things, but a hoarder is not one of them.

I despise having lots of things cluttering up my mind and home.  So when I feel stressed, cleaning or decluttering are some of my go-to activities for reducing that stress.

Last weekend I decided to declutter my closet and dresser.  My husband and I both had drawers and racks stuffed so full there was no room for anything else.

I have a rule that when you buy something new, you have to get rid of something old.  That way you don’t get overtaken by clutter.  But my husband is a hoarder and getting him to throw something away can be like pulling teeth.

Since we had a long weekend, I asked him to go through everything with me and get rid of stuff we weren’t wearing.  He gamely agreed, and we started.  We pulled everything out of the closet and dresser and put it on the bed, then started sorting.  Things we were keeping got put back in the closet (but organized this time).  Things we didn’t want anymore went into the donate pile.

After about an hour, everything we were keeping was hanging neatly in the closet or folded neatly in drawers.  And there was room left over.  Which is good, because I’m sure my husband will start filling in the empty space as soon as possible.  😛

We had three large trash bags full of clothes to donate.  My husband gamely piled them in the car and headed off to the thrift shop.  It felt so good to go through everything and get rid of things that were weighing me down!

Are you a hoarder?  What do you hoard?