Monday Mandala 69

Mandala_69Still playing around with various zentangles and doodles to fill in spaces so they are intricate enough for coloring.  Not sure I like the brick pattern, but I’m happy with the rest of it.  And as I head for 70 mandalas, I’m amazed that even though it sometimes feels like I’m drawing the same thing over and over, it never turns out the same.  😀

Monday Mandala 68

Mandala_68I’m really digging how this one turned out.  I like the lighter inner flowers contrasted with the darker outer layer.  And, of course, now that I’m seeing it posted, I see a mistake I should fix.  :/   Ah, well, ’tis the sad unfinished life of a creative.  😛

Monday Mandala 67

Mandala_67Things have been crazy the past few weeks and sadly drawing has been shoved to the side while other more pressing matters are dealt with.  Sundays are nice – I get a chance to sit down for a bit and draw.  I draw on my iPad while my husband watches football.  This mandala looks fun to color – I’ll have to try it and see.

Monday Mandala 65

Mandala_65I had a lot of fun drawing this one.  It has a lot of different elements, but I like the flow of it.  I’m still learning and experimenting with various types of zentangles and doodles for filling elements, but I think the mandalas I draw just because are usually my favorites. 😀

Finding Time

I’m still struggling to find time to do everything I want to. We did finally start on the paperwork for our move to Canada, so that’s good. I’m hoping it’s less work than getting my husband’s permanent residency here. It’s less expensive, at least. 😀

I’m still plugging away on lesson planning. I enjoy it, but I’m getting a little burnt out. I have 3 more weeks to do to get through the end of the year. I think I’m finally starting to figure out how to make the process as quick as possible, even with all our COVID restrictions. I’d like to be further ahead than I am, so I don’t feel guilty working on other projects.

I’d love to get back to my mini painting, especially since I’m so close to finishing off my pile of forgotten minis. Then I could open up my CR minis and get those done. We’ve been playing online, so I haven’t needed to purchase any new ones.

I also have lots of other projects I want to get done, but it’s hard to justify the time when it means putting off work I’m actually getting paid for. 🤨

In the meantime, I am still drawing and playing around with dot mandalas.

I like the color palette of this one. It reminds me of ice cream cones for some reason. I enjoy drawing these a lot. I wish I had time to do more.

Also, I splurged and bought myself a new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to go with it. I can’t wait til it gets here!