Monday Mandala 72

Mandala_72This mandala was another experiment.  Rather than focusing on coloring, I was trying to focus on different design elements – especially the big lotus-type flower in the middle.  I like how it turned out, though I’m not sure the overall style is something that appeals to me enough to pursue it further.

Monday Mandala 69

Mandala_69Still playing around with various zentangles and doodles to fill in spaces so they are intricate enough for coloring.  Not sure I like the brick pattern, but I’m happy with the rest of it.  And as I head for 70 mandalas, I’m amazed that even though it sometimes feels like I’m drawing the same thing over and over, it never turns out the same.  😀

Monday Mandala 68

Mandala_68I’m really digging how this one turned out.  I like the lighter inner flowers contrasted with the darker outer layer.  And, of course, now that I’m seeing it posted, I see a mistake I should fix.  :/   Ah, well, ’tis the sad unfinished life of a creative.  😛

Monday Mandala 67

Mandala_67Things have been crazy the past few weeks and sadly drawing has been shoved to the side while other more pressing matters are dealt with.  Sundays are nice – I get a chance to sit down for a bit and draw.  I draw on my iPad while my husband watches football.  This mandala looks fun to color – I’ll have to try it and see.