Slow Slide

Credit: Pixabay

This week has been hard.  The sudden disruption in our routines is about to drive us all batty.  My husband is doing fine, since thankfully he is still working – for now.

The rest of us are at home, trying to figure out our ‘new normal.’  Yesterday, my youngest tried to sleep all day, because he’s finally bored of playing video games and watching Netflix.  😛

I think my oldest has handled it the best – she’s gone on two different outings with a couple of friends – out to a park (that was pretty much deserted), and over to their house to play board games.

I find myself sleeping more than normal and I know that’s a sign depression is creeping up on me.  I know I need to be more active, but without the routine of work, I’m finding that a challenge.  The person I would usually spend time with is my sister, but she is currently sick, so that’s out until she recovers (just a cold, nothing to worry about).

Also, we received a notification last night that we’ve used 85% of our data this month from our ISP.  We typically use about 400G of our 1TB – right now we are at over 800G – and my youngest (the biggest data hog) has only been home for a week.  Yikes!  We have 5 days to go, so I think we’ll be okay this month, but I’m definitely going to have to do something to limit how much we are using, as we cannot afford overages right now.  Those of you who don’t have data caps – count yourself lucky!

Yesterday I made a list of activities I could do to keep myself busy (including things that don’t require internet).  I have lots of craft projects I could be working on, so hopefully I will get some of those done.  I have lots of miniatures to paint, so that’s on my list as well.

I’m going to have to figure out something for my youngest – he’s so used to being physically active and I think he’s only left the house once in the last week.  We have some equipment – a treadmill and an elliptical, but that’s not that same as weightlifting, something he did every day.  A weight set is not in the budget right now, so we’ll have to get creative.

What activities are you doing while practicing ‘social distancing’?